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Sign a spot agreement in which you secure your company’s spot price on electricity against high price increases. SPOT/MAX is the solution to the company, who is subscribed for a new power purchase agreement and wants the flexibility and financial security in relation to their electricity consumption.

What is included in a SPOT/MAX-solution?
• SPOT/MAX gives your company a flexible electricity contract where you are protected from major price increases on the energy marked through a maximum price. 

• The insurance solution guarantees you and your company the actual market price, where you are guaranteed a reward if there is a price drop on the energy market.

• SPOT/MAX gives companies full flexibility in the form of unlimited consumption and electricity prices that covers your company’s specific needs.

Using a SPOT/MAX-solution you are secured and guaranteed a better and cheaper power purchase agreement over several years.

spot-aftale spotpris på el

How does a SPOT/MAX-solution work?
A SPOT/MAX-solution ensures that the company avoids paying excessive prices on their spot price. You are also guaranteed a reward if your MAX price is not reached. If your MAX price exceeds the average system spot price, your insurance will take effect.

This is how easily a SPOT/MAX solution can secure your electricity price.



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