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Aventia Energy offers energy solutions where companies can secure a cheaper electricity price. We are the only financial power company in Denmark that has taken the timing and speculation out of the energy marked with an insurance solution for your power purchase agreement. Our solutions ensure your company against price increase on the market and guarantees a financial gain if there’s a price drop.

Cheaper electricity prices

Independent advice


Simple solutions

Terms of a financial power purchase agreement.
When you and your company signs a financial power purchase agreement with Aventia Energy and thereby insuring your electricity price, your electricity price per.kWh is protected against price increases. According to the financial power agreement, there are a few general terms that we will list below:

Companies sign an energy insurance to their electricity price, which is purely a financial arrangement. You are protected against price increases and simultaneously guaranteed a profit if there is a price drop on the energy marked. This means that you will have your power delivered from an external power supplier, which you choose yourself. You then sign a power purchase agreement with an electricity supplier on an approximately electricity consumption. 

The financial power purchase agreement with Aventia Energy ensures that you and your company get a cheaper electricity price. With an insurance policy on your electricity price, your power consumption is flexible and with no upper or lower limit. This means that the option premium is not dependent on the amount of your electricity consumption.

The energy insurance from Aventia Energy is a financial power purchase agreement applied only to the actual amount of electricity consumption. This meaning that you and your company must state your expected annual kWh spending of electricity when you sign the financial agreement. For Aventia Energy as your electricity insurance company to determine a possible gain, you must state you actual kWh consumption of electricity when the year is up. 


virksomheder pris på el energiforsikring

Much more than an energy insurance

Aventia Energy is your business partner and makes it easy for you to manage your electricity purchases. Through our energy insurance you get:

• Savings on your electricity purchases.
• Identification on the total electricity expence.
• Independent advice.
• A partner that focuses on your needs.

• Expert knowledge on the electricity market.

For companies with a spot agreement
For companies with afixed price agreement

Insight into the energy market

At Aventia Energy we follow the electricity market close, and the energy insurance is therefore a initiative which is based on 20 years of data about the development of the price trends on the energy marked. It is through the Nordic power exchange, Nord Pool, the total trade of electricity takes place, and where the price is due to supply and demand determined by the hour. As part of Aventia Energy’s insurance solutions and services accordingly, we use data from Nord Pool to give companies a better and cheaper power purchase agreement. 



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