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Aventia Energy is a financial power company that offers energy insurance to companies’ power purchase agreement, ensuring companies cheaper electricity prices. By looking on both the spot and the future market and taking the best og both, we ensure a better and cheaper power purchase agreement.



The story behind

As a new plyer in the Danish energy market, Aventia Energy offers energy insurance to companies. Aventia Energy is a financial power company and was founded in August 2018 by Jan Carøe Lange, who has 30 years of experience in the energy industry at Midt/Nord, Norsk Elkraft, Energy Denmark and most recently at E.ON. Based on many years of experience in the industry the idea of an alternative way to sign power purchase agreements arose, which ensures that companies get a better and cheaper electricity price.

The vision

The vision of Aventia Energy is primarily to separate us from the many other players in the European energy field. Previously, it was only possible for companies with high energy use to negotiate electricity at a fixed price over a period of 1-5 years, or alternatively the large companies have had the opportunity to buy electricity at Nord Pool by the hour. In contrast, the idea of a financial power company that offers energy insurance giving companies flexible electricity prices came about – on this basis Aventia Energy was founded.

Idéen bag finansielt energiselskab el-aftale til erhverv

The mission
Aventia Energy’s mission is to offer companies with high energy use:

• Advising, strategic purchasing and knowledge about the energy market.
• Saving on electricity purchases, thus companies through our insurance solutions will experience a cheaper electricity prices securing the budget through a maximum price.
• Identification on the total electricity costs through our insurance solutions.

rådgivning el-aftale erhverv

Counseling and transparency

I addition to our energy insurance for companies’ power purchase agreement, Aventia Energy offers advisory counseling and transparency of the energy market. We know it can be difficult to figure out the energy market and electricity purchases, therefore companies may be inclined to enter into long-term power purchase agreements in order to know the cost – whether it’s a good deal or not. For Aventia Energy it is important that our clients can rely on the advice and the solutions we offer, therefore it is important they meet a sincere and genuine counseling partner.

Our values
The values of Aventia Energy help create a single entity – across all functions. We work upon the principle that:

• Trust is built through honestly.
• We respect wach other’s professional and personal integrity.

• We act within the framework that diversity and multidisciplinary perspectives and skills must be cultivated.
• A flat organizational structure allows open communication, where cooperation between employees and managers is a high priority.
• Everyone has something to offer and add to the organization’s development.

Finansielt elselskab el-aftale erhverv


Aventia Energy seeks simple solutions and strives to create effective working methods. In order to offer our customers the best advice and solutions that provide the highest financial security in reltion to their power purchase agreement, we need to streamline and organize workflows accordingly – we act within the principle of focusing on the essentials and eliminate obstacles and unnecessary details. A company can therefore expect to be presented with advising and an insurance solution that suits their needs.

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